Live Tweets from the 2012 Presidential Debates – Part 2

October 16, 2012, 6:05 pm PST James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp
#Romney isn’t answering the question.

#Obama is answering the question.
#Romney has a 5 point plan? What’s on of those points?
First instance of #Obama calling #Romney a liar. He has a new strategy.
#Romney won’t be able to steal time tonight.
#Romney wants to privatize federal lands.
#Romney‘s not answering #Obama‘s charge that he flip-flopped on coal.
#Romney sounds like an Oil and Gas lobbyist.
Unsure of 5 point plan. Would prefer 9-9-9.
I think #Romney is about to pull a #JoeBiden.
Stifle, #Romney.
“Women’s pay equity is an important topic, but not to me.” #Romney
This #debate is being directed with fewer close ups than previous debate.
“My five point plan has six points:” …
#Romney‘s answering a question!
#Romney‘s talking point is wrong and he’s not backing down.
#Obama saved his 47% comment for his closer.
#Obama won the #debate and pulled ahead.

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