Live Tweets From The GOP Convention – Night 3

#RonaldReaganhologram can’t remember selling arms to Iran to pay for arms for #Contras.

#RonaldReaganhologram is still only 2-dimensional.

Some men see things that are and ask, “Why?” #PaulRyan sees things that never were and says, “Why not say they are?”

will be appearing as a hologram with Clint Eastwood at the Republican convention.

#JohnBoehner‘s orange face goes well with the red background.

I haven’t been this excited since I wasn’t.

Is #RonaldReagan running again?

#Newt looks like he’s auditioning for a morning talk show with his wife. I’d pass.

Couldn’t they get two microphones?

#Newt should die his hair like #RonaldReagan.

Somebody figured out America isn’t all old white men.

#GOP will put Latinos on the road going South.

#Obama is brushing up on his Spanish.

#Unions vs. Kids? Come on! #JebBush

#God bless God.

“Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, so pick me up at the airport.”

If I didn’t think #MittRomney‘s religion was creepy before…

He avoided the draft by going on a mission…

Did this fire fighter belong to a union?

What was #MittRomney‘s executor’s fee?

#God passes “Blessing Baton” to #MittRomney.

I don’t feel so good myself. Bring flowers.

Marconi plays the mamba. #Webuiltthiscity on government roads.

I don’t get it.

“They don’t know what it’s like to risk money…” because they don’t have any. Get it?

Will there be a shareholder’s vote after the film?

Drug Money.

“Where else but in America could you live in this country?”

#MittRomney didn’t take a salary because he would have needed a stateside bank account to cash the check.

Is this #AmericanIdol?

Is it too late to vote him off?

#MittRomney is an Olympian God!

It was a #MagicFlag made of #MagicUnderwear.

What’s this song about? #America

 I want the #GESmith band for my high school mixer.

I think #ClintEastwood is losing the debate.

“Get off my White House lawn!” #ClintEastwood

#JohnWayne hologram will speak next to promo #BluRay release of #GreenBerets.

#Obama is sitting next to me in a chair.

It’s always helpful when they remind me where I am. #USA

“My betters deserve better!” #MittRomney

Keep them doggies movin’ Rawhide! Don’t try to understand ’em Just rope and throw and grab ’em Soon we’ll be living high and wide. #GOP2012

I attack your success, #MittRomney!

“Vote for me! I have a plan to create about a gazillion new jobs.” #JamesTrippforPresident

“If I am elected I will create new opportunities for creators of job creators.” #JamesTrippforPresident

#Castro‘s Cuba—Drat! #MittRomney

Too many “God Bless Yous” tonight and not enough sneezing.

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