Live Tweets From The GOP Convention – Night 1

2:14 pm PST James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

Does everyone in Colorado have to wear a uniform?

James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

Looks like #MittRomney will get nomination in first ballot. Delegates want to beat the rain.

James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

casts all his votes for: …

3:09 pm PST  James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

Is it too late to recall #ScottWalker as a delegate to the #GOPConvention?

“It’s official! #MagicUnderwear for everybody!”

4:33 pm PST James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

didn’t know #Christie could sing.

James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

But does she have a birth certificate?

6:04 pm PST James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

#ScottWalker the new, dumber #RepublicanParty.

#GOP built America…using Chinese factories.

#Trippitorial: Legitimate #Republicans: 

James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

#Santorum must have #clammyhands.

6:35 pm PST James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

“All men are created equal in the #GOP as long as they are not endowed with a #Vagina.

“God doesn’t like government.” Must be why he doesn’t pay any taxes.

7:05 pm PST James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

“If workers didn’t want to be paid, there’d be more jobs in America!”

“We deserve Mitt Romney?” Is that like @Originalsin?

James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

#AnnRomney opens with a prayer for property. God bless you Ann!

“There would not be Americans without America!”

And God Bless Tiny Tim!

James Tripp ‏@thejamestripp

“The best thing about #NewJersey is the food.” #Christie

#ChrisChristie‘s family benefited from government G.I. Bill.

#Christie‘s mother read him #ThePrince instead of #TheLittlePrince.

#Christie wants to fundamentally reduce the size of government. First, he should reduce his size.



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