Live Tweets From The GOP Convention – Night 1

Does everyone in Colorado have to wear a uniform?
Looks like #MittRomneywill get nomination in first ballot. Delegates want to beat the rain.
Is it too late to recall #ScottWalkeras a delegate to the #GOPConvention?
“It’s official! #MagicUnderwearfor everybody!”
didn’t know #Christiecould sing.
But does she have a birth certificate? 
 #ScottWalkerthe new, dumber #RepublicanParty.
#GOPbuilt America…using Chinese factories.
“All men are created equal in the #GOP as long as they are not endowed with a #Vagina.
“God doesn’t like government.” Must be why he doesn’t pay any taxes.
“If workers didn’t want to be paid, there’d be more jobs in America!”
“We deserve Mitt Romney?” Is that like original sin?
#AnnRomneyopens with a prayer for property. God bless you Ann!
“There would not be Americans without America!”
And God Bless Tiny Tim!
“The best thing about #NewJerseyis the food.” #Christie
#ChrisChristie‘s family benefited from government G.I. Bill.
#Christie‘s mother read him #ThePrinceinstead of #TheLittlePrince.
#Christiewants to fundamentally reduce the size of government. First, he should reduce his size.

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