"Comedy Nation This Week" – February 10, 2012

Here’s today’s episode of “Comedy Nation This Week” with me, Laurie Buckley and host Bill Bronner:

The Panel Discusses the mortgage settlement, Rick Santorum’s wins, Catholics and contraception, and more.
Trippitorial: Super Pacs
I am announcing today that Iwill accept support from any outside Super Pac wishing to advocate for JamesTripp for President, even though I am not running. This is not a reversal ofposition. This is a course correction. And while some may say I may have saidsomething else in the past about some things, some people would be better offmoving on to other things.
We’re not going to fightthis fight we’re not in with one hand tied behind our back…backs…back. We can’tallow the people who are running to operate under a different set of rules fromthe people who are not running. The campaign that we are not in has to face thereality of the campaign that people are in.
While I may not have spokenout in favor of Super Pacs in the past, it is not important to note that Ispoke out against them, because before you can be for something, you have to beagainst it. And how can you know for sure if you’re against something, if younever tried to be for something? I don’t think you can.
This is a good time forpeople with no affiliation to James Tripp to start saying bad things aboutpeople who are not James Tripp. You can start off by saying, “He’s no JamesTripp!” What you end up saying about the bad people who are not James Tripp isno business of James Tripp and I distance myself from it. I am shocked by it, andI would ask the people who are saying it to stop saying it after everybody hasheard what you said.
This is not a step I takelightly. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting down. The Citizen United rulingopened the door for more money and ad spending in the 2012 election cycle thanin any previous election cycle in the history of the world and I want a pieceof it, even though I am not running. It almost makes you wish somebody weresaying something that wasn’t about somebody else, but I wouldn’t say that.
You know, my mother used tosay, “If you have nothing nice to say about a person, don’t say anything atall.” I have nothing to say about my mother.
There are so many things tobe said about so many people that people who are not affiliated with JamesTripp need so much money to say them. You’re darn right Newt Gingrich is alying, stinking, cheating methane producing poster boy for gluttony, but that’snot something I’d say. That’s something other people who are not James Trippsay about other people.
Newt wants to put a man onthe moon? Somebody might say, “That’s a good place for him!” But I wouldn’t saythat. I say, “Kudos to Newt for bringing the race of the races to space.” You’re darn right! We need tobeat China to the moon beforethey build a wall around it!
Iwouldn’t say anything bad about some of the other candidates who are in therace I’m not in, but somebody else would. If some other group wants to say thatRomney’s not too bright, or that Gingrich is the closest this nation has cometo running Jabba the Hutt for president, there’s nothing I can do about that.
Itwon’t be me bringing up Ron Paul’s racist past. I’m not the sort of person whowould wish that when Rick Santorum was born again, he was born somewhere else.
Thisis not a time for candidates to be saying anything. This is a time for peoplewho are not affiliated with the candidates to be saying things about people whoaren’t affiliated to other people saying things!

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