Live Tweets from the State of the Union

January24, 2012, 3:54 pm PST James Tripp @thejamestrippwill be live tweeting the State of the Union tonight beginning at 6pm PST. Meanwhile, check out this DVD extra:
is hoping the #GOPside acts like a #GOPDebate audience.
Hail to the tweets
It looks like John Kerry was SwiftBoated again.
I’ll bet if #NewtGingrichwas hugging Congresswoman #Giffords,he’d leave her.
Republicans unsure if they shouldapplaud America.
Obama should run for President.
When Obama asked everyone to worktogether, only one side was applauding.
The #GOP likethe rules the way they are.

#Obamaput in place new rules the #GOP want to repeal.
I helped bail out #GMand I don’t even own a car.
“The American #Autoindustry is back!” Cough! Hack!
doesn’tknow if it’s a good thing that a lock maker is working at full capacity.
What kind of tax cut should acomedian get?
Can you [Obama]sign my tax form?
I will goto any market and not find any American products.
Our workersare the most productive in the world as long as I can leave early on Friday.
Obama wassupposed to point at me in the chamber, but there was no point.
If thiswas a #GOPDebate, when #Obamasaid, “Lay off teachers…” there would have been applause.
Somemembers of the #House should be sent back to #school.
“Boots on the Border”sounds like a #Pornmovie.

#Obamais playing the “Race for the Future” card.
Oil isn’tenough. I want more, more, more!
The gas inthe chamber could last 200 years.
How willthe #oilindustry survive without tax credits?
Send #Obamaa bill that creates a job for me.
Does #TomPettyknow #Obamawon’t back down?
#GOPsees #PayrollTaxCut as bargaining chip for #Keystone.
“Fairshare of taxes?” #MittRomney is covering his ears.
#WarrenBuffet’s secretary pays more taxes than me. She has a job.
Is #ChrisDoddlistening?
January24, 2012, 7:02 PST James Tripp @thejamestripp
Finally “Finally.”
The #2012 campaign is off andrunning.

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