Live Tweets From GOP Debates Part IX

thejamestrippJames Tripp
will belive tweeting the GOP debate beginning at 5 pm PST.
thejamestripp JamesTripp
Newt issurging over his belt.
I’m stillnot sure who’s winning.
I likedthe National Anthem better when Frankie Valli sang it.
Who’swinning this debate?
Let thegames begin!
I am JamesTripp and I want to be your next President. Am I winning?
Will thereal Presidential candidate please stand up?
Thegreatest nation that ever “was,” says Huntsman.
We shoulduse every tool to combat terrorism, but that’s no reason to vote for NewGingrich.
Do notsacrifice liberty for security unless you want to scare the American peopleinto voting for the GOP.
I need toget a wireless phone.
The wagesof sin are not enough, so I’m forming a union
Rick Perryhas failed to collect intelligence.
Ron Paulcan’t believe he’s in a debate with these bozos.
The GOP Debateswere just picked up for the back 13!
Rick Perryhas no understanding of foreign policy.
Bachman-1Perry-Less than 0.
We shouldsend the UC Davis Police in to break up the occupation of Pakistan.
“Don’tcomplain if we kill people.” You tell ’em, Newton.
By”radical leaders,” Santorum means, “Democrats.”
Someonefrom the Heritage Foundation is not a member of the audience, but arepresentative of one the 
sponsors of the debate.
My friendErnie is less than a year away from getting a loud Hawaiian shirt, but that’sno reason for a preemptive attack.
Santorumhas relations all over the world, but he’s no Herman Cain.
thejamestrippJames Tripp
We should be blowing people up, notputting them back together! #MittRomney
If I’m elected President, I’m goingto Disneyland!
Newt helped form a caucus before hewas forced to resign his office in disgrace.
Not only will Gingrich bomb, he willchange their regime. You go, girl.
If I’m elected President, I willappoint a super-duper committee!
I never heard Obama say”Y’all.” #RickPerry
Brutus is an honorable man.
We’ll be funding China’s military,but we’ll also be their suppliers. It’s a job creator!
I think there should have been anopposing view to Wolf Blitzer’s station identification.
Why do they keep identifying membersof the Heritage Foundation as just members of the audience?
Rick Perry wants to Occupy the banksin Mexico.
Santorum has a four point plan,which is five less than nine.
What if they don’t go to church,Newt? Should we let them in?
Mitt Romney is a party animal.
Rick Perry is magnetic. We must stophim.
Rick Perry is very into boots.
Now to debate which product tobuy…
There is no reason to applaud forthe Heritage Foundation.
Cain will not support a no fly zonein Syria; he will deliver pizza anywhere in 30 minutes.
The people asking the questions knowmore than the people answering them.
Regime change in Syria, Not USA. #MittRomney
“This is not just about Syria,it’s about Iran…” because I don’t know anything about Syria. #HermanCain
thejamestrippJames Tripp
From Newt Gingrich’s answer, I thinkhe’s been watching “24” on DVD.

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