Live Tweets of President Barack Obama’s Address To Congress

thejamestripp James Tripp
is livetweeting the President’s address to Congress.
Boehnerborrowed Rick Santorum’s pink tie.
Congressseems to get along with the President’s cabinet.
I don’trecognize a lot of Congressmen unless they’re standing with a lobbyist.
Boehner’sapplause does not seem sincere.
Obamadoesn’t care about politics, just getting re-elected.
Congressis finally doing something about the economy; they are applauding doingsomething about the economy!
Mitch McConnelllooks sad.
How comeonly half of the house is giving a standing O to O?
Obamakeeps talking about passing a jobs bill as if it’s a joint someoneis bogarting.
I’ve heardthis Warren Buffet story before.
I believethe tax should be flat and I claim it for Queen Isabella of Spain!
“Wehave to decide what our priorities are.” Fundraising for re-election.
He hasn’tsaid, “Pass this bill” in a while. Is that part over?
All themen in the room look like they’re wearing the same suit.
If Obamawants to sell more cars overseas, he’d better raise emission standards.
We’re not#1?
Regulationsare for the regulators!
I’ve identified501 reforms.
You meanwe’re not going to wipe out the New Deal?
Obama isplaying the “Race to the Bottom” card.
Obama istalking about a Republican who looked to the future…November.
Steve Caseis in the House. Thanks for reminding me I’m unemployed and I lost money on AOL.
Will heclose with “Pass the bill?”
“Mancan be as big as he wants!” especially in the aisles of Wal-Mart.
thejamestripp James Tripp
My guessis Congress won’t “Pass the jobs bill now.”

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