Live Tweets From GOP Debate V

thejamestripp James Tripp
Tonight’s debate will accept questionsfrom Fox News’ viewers which should be interesting because normally they don’tquestion anything.
thejamestripp James Tripp
Orange is a conservative color toname your county in FL or CA.
The first question is from a jobcreator.
My debate: Google or Fox?
Details is a magazine wherein RickPerry looks at the pictures.
Is this thing on?
Mitt Romney has 59 points when 58would do.
Mitt wants us to have the sameopportunities he had. I don’t like lobbyists.
My money doesn’t belong to Barack Obama;it was stolen by George Bush.
Rick Santorum is wearing a stripedtie. Must have a new stylist.
Santorum doesn’t think thegovernment has to follow U.S. labor laws. Santorum doesn’t think.
There’s no danger in a futurePresident raising taxes under Cain’s 999 plan because it will never be law.
I can’t wait to see what peoplewatching the debate think of the people watching the debate watching thedebate.
Mitt is upset that Perry is aFlip-Flopper. That’s Mitt’s job!
Rick and Mitt’s staff read each othercandidate’s books.
“I believe in America.”–Mitt “the Godfather”
I would eliminate the CongressDepartment.
Eliminate the EPA before theydiscover the GOP stinks
Newt likes to debate hisquestioners. Must be a fun Prof.
Let’s stop teaching Evolution!
The less education the freer wethink!
 Eliminate the Defense Department…I meanEducation Department.
“The Mother of all repealbills,” starting with the Constitution.
“Local anesthesia for all myfriends!”
I would build a fence aroundMichele Bachmann.
Illegal immigrants should beeducated, but not so much that they vote for somebody else.
Something there is that doesn’t lovea wall, That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it…Frost
thejamestripp James Tripp
I’m debating which products to buyduring the commercials.
“It is unacceptable for Iran tobecome a nuclear nation and I don’t feel so good myself.”
If you mess with Israel, you messwith the U.S. and the retired people in the Florida audience.
Newt wants to privatize diplomacy.
The world is in the process ofbecoming more dangerous if Newt is elected.
I think Gary Johnson wants to submita balanced budget.
I think we should blockade Cuba!
Only Santorum can save Santorum.
“We should be able to expressour faith” unless we’re Muslim.
No hugging in the military.
Keep your sex to yourself, which isa sin.
Rich people aren’t killed becausethey don’t have health coverage.
“I erred on the side of myformer chief-of-staff-turned-lobbyist.” -Rick Perry
“It’s different than Obamacare.”It’s Romneycare.
“There are a lot of reasons notto elect me.” Mitt Romney
Glad to be part of the humantragedy!
Let’s lower the tax rates and raisethe debt!
Finally somebody brings up Reagan!
“Where else but in Americacould you live in this country?”
Gary Johnson wants to balance thebudget.
I would pick the guy who could getme free pizza.
Rick Perry is advocating anunnatural act between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.
Nobody is answering the questionexcept Gary Johnson who wants to balance the budget.
thejamestripp James Tripp
I’m going to Google Google.

Live Tweets From GOP Debate IV

I missed the first part of tonight’sdebate. Here’s the rest:

thejamestripp James Tripp
I am a great American Tragedy.
America needs to wean itself off ofits heroin like addiction to oil and its addiction to heroin.
Rick Perry smiles like someone whois just about to screw you.
Bachmann described Bush’s out ofcontrol spending, adopting the “run against Bush” strategy that worked for Obama.
Obama doesn’t have a smart phone, hehas a blackberry.
Huntsman is using the royal”we.”He must be running for King.
My Smartphone is not takingquarters.
Do people in the audience get a doorprize?
We should audit Rick Santorum’srational for running.
A zero corporate tax rate is toohigh. We should give corporations tax refunds and lollipops!
We should get rid of the fed and letme print the money.
Is Rick Perry using the Fed forpolitical purposes?
thejamestripp James Tripp
I would putElvis Presley on the dollar bill.
Newt worksfor Fox and doesn’t like GE, which owns MSNBC.
Newt ischeerfully opposed to getting out of a race he can’t win.
Romneymade an actual proposal.
If RickPerry had it to do over again, he wouldn’t have been influenced by thatlobbyist.
Rick Perrywill use an executive order to nullify the constitution. At least it’sefficient.
Rick Perryneeds a Scooby snack.
Rick Perry isoffended that Bachmann thinks he could be bought for $5,000. He could be boughtfor $10,000.
Healthcare reforms—stop eating so much pizza.
Romneysays Obama cut Medicare. Will he restore the cut?
Obama ispost dating checks? I thought only I did that.
I hope thecommercials are better than the debate.
Reason #27to applaud: My uninsured neighbor is sick and may die.
We shouldclose all the Borders and shop online.
Thisaudience doesn’t like education. Surprising.
If illegalimmigrants are breaking the law, how did liberals pass laws that createdillegal immigration, 
Mitt, theydidn’t come for a handout, but they’re still voting for Democrats.
“EPAGone Wild” is my favorite DVD!
Thisaudience could have used a warm-up act.
Wolf issuch a tease going into commercial.
Rick Perryis bringing his wife. I prefer the horse shoes.
Bachmannwould bring the constitution and the Billof Rights to the White House. The Bill of rights is part of the constitution.
thejamestripp James Tripp
is off towatch a coma patient expire. He should have been insured.

Live Tweets of President Barack Obama’s Address To Congress

thejamestripp James Tripp
is livetweeting the President’s address to Congress.
Boehnerborrowed Rick Santorum’s pink tie.
Congressseems to get along with the President’s cabinet.
I don’trecognize a lot of Congressmen unless they’re standing with a lobbyist.
Boehner’sapplause does not seem sincere.
Obamadoesn’t care about politics, just getting re-elected.
Congressis finally doing something about the economy; they are applauding doingsomething about the economy!
Mitch McConnelllooks sad.
How comeonly half of the house is giving a standing O to O?
Obamakeeps talking about passing a jobs bill as if it’s a joint someoneis bogarting.
I’ve heardthis Warren Buffet story before.
I believethe tax should be flat and I claim it for Queen Isabella of Spain!
“Wehave to decide what our priorities are.” Fundraising for re-election.
He hasn’tsaid, “Pass this bill” in a while. Is that part over?
All themen in the room look like they’re wearing the same suit.
If Obamawants to sell more cars overseas, he’d better raise emission standards.
We’re not#1?
Regulationsare for the regulators!
I’ve identified501 reforms.
You meanwe’re not going to wipe out the New Deal?
Obama isplaying the “Race to the Bottom” card.
Obama istalking about a Republican who looked to the future…November.
Steve Caseis in the House. Thanks for reminding me I’m unemployed and I lost money on AOL.
Will heclose with “Pass the bill?”
“Mancan be as big as he wants!” especially in the aisles of Wal-Mart.
thejamestripp James Tripp
My guessis Congress won’t “Pass the jobs bill now.”

Live Tweets from GOP Debate III

Tonight’s GOP Debate was held at theReagan Library. All hail!
thejamestrippJames Tripp
is prayingfor the candidates in tonight’s debate to the wrong God.
September7, 2011, 8 pm PST
thejamestrippJames Tripp
I’ve been unemployed for so longnow, I have to put it on my resume.
Rick Perrystill blow dries his hair.
MittRomney says he will restructure the economy but he doesn’t say how. ElectObama.
My fathercreated more jobs than Mitt Romney or Rick Perry’s father.
RickSantorum is still running?
If 10 % isgood for god and 9 % is good for government, then 119% is good for me.
Huntsman’scoach told him to use his hands.
Is therenothing Obamacare doesn’t kill? Michele Bachmann?
Newt winsthe first to invoke “Reagan” Prize.
MittRomney the Presidential candidate would not have voted for Mitt Romney the Govcandidate.
Newtdoesn’t want to debate.
Newt isdebating with the moderator, which he also did in the last debate.
Cain wantsto repeal Hilarycare! Me too!
The GOPpanel doesn’t look so good. I hope they have health insurance.
1 in 7people are poor but 1 in 100 is rich.
Who willbe the first to say “job creators?”
MittRomney won’t promise lower gas prices, but he will promise “No homework onFridays.”
Pink isRick Santorum’s color.
Reagan’smessage = good. Actual Results = Not so Good. Ron Paul
Thecommentators have the same stylist as the candidates.
RonaldReagan is still dead.
Nancy justsaid, “No” to all the GOP candidates.
Caindoesn’t know how SS works. The young pay for the old. They can’t also pay forthemselves.
7 bridesfor 7 brothers.
thejamestrippJames Tripp
Would yourather be touched inappropriately by an airline or the TSA?
I hope RonPaul lets me keep my air conditioner.
Rick Perryfavors education as long as people aren’t so educated that they vote forsomebody else.
MittRomney is on the fence about immigration.
We can’tgive amnesty to immigrants; we have to give it to bankers!
Newt sayshe is with Reagan. Do tell?
We shouldmake English the official language of the GOP.
Why arethey still talking about illegal immigration? There are no jobs in the USA!
Somethingthere is about the GOP that doesn’t like Robert Frost’s “MendingWall.”
“IfPresident Reagan were here, [he’d be a corpse.]”
There area lot of commercials whose products I’m not buying either.
MittRomney has a plan with points. What’s the plan and what’s the point?
“Untilyou get a balanced budget amendment I won’t have to balance the budget.”Perry
MicheleBachmann wouldn’t debate Reagan if he was in the debate.
MittRomney has an outline!
Eyes onthe Nuclear Iran Prize! MB
Why doesRick Santorum look constipated?
I wouldhave liked to see Ronald Reagan melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.
This GOPpanel is not evolving.
“Galileogot outvoted for a spell”—but then he didn’t. RP
TheScience is not settled on the damage corporations are doing to this country.
Isn’t thisabout the time Newt Gingrich is usually indicted?
MittRomney says the people most hurt by Obama are the middle class. Luckily,there’s no middle class.
I thinkRick Perry wants to execute Brian Williams.
I hope thecandidates take out a book while they’re at the library.