Live Tweets from GOP Debate II

I tuned in late to the Wowa in Iowalast night. Tim Pawlenty was offering to mow my lawn at the time. Is thatpandering? Here are my tweets from last night’s Iowa debate:
thejamestripp James Tripp
“Get off of my lawn, TimPawlenty!”
“No taxes for corporations andno homework on Friday!” – Santorum
Michele Bachmann is a spokeswomanfor deer in headlights.
“In the real economy you have tofire workers to create jobs!” — Romney
Newtshould stop yelling at Chris.
Chris iskind of mean.
More taxcuts! Flat tax! Thumb tax!
We need tokeep the Napoleonic code out of American courts!
Romneywants unilateral power.
I hopeObama picks me up a t-shirt at “The Black Dog.”
It’sNewt’s deal or no deal!
Santorumisn’t saying anything.
Why isreporter asking about someone who isn’t there? [the undeclared Rick Perry]
We need tosend Nixon to China!
He’s akiller and a clown.
thejamestripp James Tripp
This is a rowdy crowd.
What’s a coup between friends?
Cain won’t deliver pizza to Iran.
Bachmann is “a tool we need tohave.”
Ron Paul sounds like a liberal.
Ron Paul warns about another warwith Iran. Crowd likes war.
thejamestripp is ready to pledge his loyalty toder fadderland!
Thisaudience is not submissive.
Polygamyfor everybody!
Won’tsomebody save the rape baby?
I countonly one uterus on that stage.
Why arethey all so mean to Obama?
We needmore pollution!
Let’s getrid of the New Deal and the EPA!
Bachmannwas just upgraded to an AAAA loony!
Santorumshould drop out in his closing statement.
Everyoneshould be home schooled. All schooling is local.
“Letme first thank Fox, my former [and future] employer…” —Newt

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