James Tripp To Explore Exploring

Comedian James Tripp, who ran for President of the United States in 2000 and 2004, today announced the formation of an exploratory committee to investigate whether or not he should form an exploratory committee to study the feasibility of forming an exploratory committee.

“We have to explore what it is we should be exploring before we explore anything,” said Tripp. “It may necessitate the formation of a new committee to determine if we need to form a new committee.”

Tripp asserted that the existence of myspace.com/jamestrippforpresident did not necessarily indicate that he was already running. It is, according to Tripp, “a happy coincidence.” Said Tripp, “MySpace is free. When we set up a page that we’re paying for, then it will become more serious.” An unconfirmed source reported that Americans for James Tripp will set up a new site this Tuesday.

“We have explored exploring the exploration of an exploratory committee in the past and every time our exploration has yielded results which led to the formation of an exploratory committee,” said Tripp.