Plan for Victory

“We have finally achieved peace with honor.”

—Richard Nixon

1. Invade Afghanistan since that’s where the bad men are.
2. Carpet bombing of Cambodia.
3. Look for but don’t find Osama bin Laden.
4. Carpet bombing of Cambodia.
5. Use American military to further my own political ambitions.
6. Carpet bombing of Cambodia.
7. Invade Iraq because that’s where the bad man is.
8. Carpet bombing of Cambodia.
9. Declare “Mission Accomplished!” on an aircraft carrier.
10. Carpet bombing of Cambodia.
11. Weaken American military preparedness.
12. Carpet bombing of Cambodia.
13. The Vietnamization of Iraqi troops.
14. Carpet bombing of Cambodia.
15. Come up with a plan.


One thought on “Plan for Victory

  1. The final account of the war will depend on the whole efforts of the involved nations. The German people can yet make an unprecedented contribution. It will thereby earn the victory. In 1918, we gave up at the last minute. That will not happen in 1945. We all have to see to that. This is the foundation of our ultimate victory. It may sound improbable today, but it is nonetheless so: Final victory will be ours. It will come through tears and blood, but it will justify all the sacrifices we have made.Joseph Goebbels, April 1945

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